Behind the Scenes: What Do Locksmiths Use to Open Doors?


Behind the Scenes: What Do Locksmiths Use to Open Doors?

Have you ever found yourself locked out of your home or vehicle and needed the services of a locksmith to regain access? Locksmiths are highly trained experts who specialize in the practice of manipulating locks and in the installation and maintenance of security systems.  But have you ever given any thought to the implements that are used to unlock doors? In this article, we’ll take a more in-depth look at the tools that locksmiths use to open doors, as well as how those tools function.

Lock Picking Tools

One of the most common and widely used tools among locksmiths is the lockpick, which is used to open locked doors. A lockpick is a thin tool that can move the pieces inside a lock by fitting into the keyhole of the lock and moving it. Lockpicks come in a wide variety of shapes, including hook picks, rake picks, and half-diamond picks, among many others. Each one is uniquely shaped and designed for a certain purpose..

Hook picks are used to lift individual pins inside a lock, while rake picks put pressure on multiple pins at once, letting the locksmith quickly “rake” the lock open. Half-diamond picks are used to move the lock’s pins more precisely.

Lock picking is a skill that takes years to learn and perfect, but it is still an important tool for a locksmith to have. But it is important to remember that lockpicking is not always the best way to open a lock, especially if the lock is old or broken.

Key Extractors

The key extractor is another tool that locksmiths use to open doors. The purpose of key extractors is to get broken keys out of locks. When a piece of a key breaks off inside a lock, it can be hard to get it out without making the lock worse.

Key extractors work by putting a thin, pointed rod into the keyhole and applying pressure to the broken key to pull it out of the lock. For this method to work, you need to keep your hand steady and be careful so you do not damage the lock or keyway further.



In some situations, a locksmith may need to use a drill to open a lock. Drilling a lock is usually done as a last option when all other methods have failed. This is because drilling a lock can permanently damage it and make it useless.

A locksmith will usually drill a small hole near the lock’s keyhole when using a drill to open a lock. This hole lets the locksmith put in a special tool that can turn the lock’s internal mechanisms and open it. After opening the lock, the locksmith has the option of either repairing the lock or replacing it totally with a new one.

Bypass Tools

Bypass tools are another kind of tool that locksmiths use to open doors. Bypass tools work by moving the latch or pin on the outside of the lock instead of the internal mechanisms.

As an example, a locksmith could use a bypass tool to slide a credit card or other thin item between the door frame and latch in order to open the door and put the latch back into its original position. This approach is not guaranteed to succeed, but it has a chance of doing so on occasion, particularly with locks that are either older or less secure.

Locksmith Software

Locksmiths use both physical tools and specific software to help them do their jobs. Locksmith software can be used to read and program electronic keys, bypass alarms and immobilizers, and make key codes.

This software is often used by locksmiths to program and reprogram keys for current vehicles, which typically need the use of specialist tools to accomplish. A locksmith can quickly and simply find out what is wrong with complex security systems and fix them with the use of software designed specifically for locksmiths.

In short, locksmiths use a variety of tools and methods to open doors, from picking locks the old-fashioned way to using software and escape methods that are more modern. Even though each tool has its own pros and cons, a skilled locksmith will know which tool to use in each scenario.

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