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Is your car key broken or lost? Our mobile car locksmiths can reach you and cut new car keys on-the-spot! Call now and our emergency locksmith in Seattle will be right over! 


If you want to have a car key duplicated or if your car key is worn or damaged and is therefore not functioning as well is did previously, our car key cutting replacement services can help you. If unlocking your vehicle has become difficult, your car key should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent your key from getting stuck in the lock and potentially causing you a car lockout situation.

Why choose us to duplicate your car keys?

  • We come to you within 30 minutes!
  • Reasonable locksmith rates
  • We copy your keys on-the-spot

Our car key cutting locksmiths can help you replace any type of car key you have. To make a call for a car key replacement locksmith near you, ring us today!


When car keys get stuck in car door locks or car ignitions, many people try to remove the key on their own. Dealing with car key extractions on one’s own can be a mistake because more often than not, it causes more damage than good. Our car locksmiths can help you extract a jammed car key from your vehicle. After completing our car key extraction service in your car, you might need to have a new car key made. Our car key cutting locksmiths can help you by creating a new car key for you immediately. The whole process won’t take very long and will allow you to get back on your way in no time.


Over the years, car keys can definitely become worn or damaged, affecting their functionality. If your car key is dented in a way that impedes its ability to lock and unlock your vehicle with ease, our car locksmiths can help you out by replacing your car key for you. At times, people accidentally ruin their car keys. If it happens to you, one of our qualified car key duplication experts can have a new car key made for you or can often fix the damaged car key for you.


A bent key that has been visibly warped or even cracked must be repaired or replaced right away. If not, it can damage the car locks or ignition which is much more costly to fix than a car key. If you see that your vehicle key is warped in any way, our car cutting services can surely help you out. When you need a new car key made, we come right to you no matter where you are located and make your brand new car keys instantly.


At times, we are called upon to service car keys that our customers say are faulty. Often times, when we arrive to make a new car key, there turns out to be no issue with the car key, and in fact, the issue is very commonly the car door lock or car ignition. Car locks can be damaged or rusted from climate changes throughout the year, oftentimes, the damage is inside the lock so it can’t be seen from the outside of the car door. Regardless of whether your issue is a broken car key, door lock, or you want to have a new car key cutting service done by our locksmiths, we are here to help.


We replace car keys of all types. Here are some of the more common car keys we work with.

Standard car key service

Those are the simplest keys, made of solid metal. These are just basic, simple keys that can be easily duplicated and reproduced. If the wrong person finds a way to access this key, your car will be in danger and you should contact an auto locksmith ASAP. If you are looking to have this type of key duplicated, we are here to assist you.

Transponder key service

They are very easy to distinguish from a standard metal key because they have a piece of plastic that covers the top of the key. Under that piece of plastic, there is an electronic chip that sends a radio signal to the ignition once you insert it. If the ignition detects the right frequency of the signal, the car won’t start. The transponder chip protects your car from auto-theft. Even if someone manages to duplicate your transponder key, he won’t be able to drive your car. Our team of car key duplication experts can help you program transponder keys for your vehicle.

Wafer Key service

These keys have grooves on both the bottom and top of them. They function similarly to standard pin tumbler locks. Many wafer keys that we cut for our clients have transponders attached to them that must be programmed before they can function properly. Our car key cutting experts can assist you with all your car key cutting needs 24/7.

VATS key service

The reason why they are the last to be mentioned is their relative rarity. These are high-security keys that were made in the ’90s. In order to distinguish between a VATS key and a Transponder key – you should look at the key blade. 

The VATS key has an electric resistor on it and the Transponder key doesn’t have any. Imagine you have an important meeting, you must drive your kids to school or you have an interview for your dream job in a company which is not in a walking distance from your home and your car keys do not want to work. This is probably the worst thing that can happen and since life is life, it always happens on the worst day.

 That kind of situation is stressful and frustrating for everyone. We are running out of time, we are trying not to be late and the keys are not going to cooperate. Have you been in that situation? Did you call someone or did you try to solve your problem by yourself? If you haven’t, what would you do if that happened to you one day?

If you are looking for car key replacement services at any hour of the day or night, contact our car key duplication locksmiths today!


Not only do auto locksmiths unlock locked cars, they can also create new keys, remove broken keys from locks, and can even replace both the locks on your car doors and entire ignition systems as well.

An experienced locksmith will be able to make a replacement key for you even if you do not have the original. When you contact a locksmith, you will need to supply some information to the company before your key can be replaced.

However, as new cars are made so is new anti-theft technology such as transponder chips. These small chips placed inside the keys mean that the ignition can not start with a different key, even if it has managed to open the doors.

Call out a locksmith

As well as the lost car key cost, arranging car key replacement may take time. A given locksmith may not have blank keys for your particular car in stock. If so, they may need to order a new key which could take a week or more.

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