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Need a replacement or spare automobile key? We can assist!


Car keys with computer chips and electronic components are a specialty at Robin Locksmith.

We understand the inconvenience of requiring a replacement car key or getting locked out of your vehicle at an inconvenient time. Whether you need a replacement for a regular vehicle key or a computer chip car key, Robin Locksmith can help.

Smart Keys

With the advancement of technology, remote methods of protecting cars and regulating their different operations are gaining popularity.

The majority of automobile keys manufactured after 1995 feature a gadget called a transponder chip that can receive and transmit radio signals. Upon turning the key in the ignition, this chip disarms the car’s immobilizer, offering an added degree of security to your vehicle. Since then, both laser-cut keys and VAT (Vehicle Anti Theft) keys have been manufactured to serve the same purpose, namely to provide additional security.

In addition, many modern vehicles are keyless and controlled by electronic keys, and most physical vehicle keys come attached to a small box made of hard plastic with a set of buttons that can be pressed to remotely control certain functions of the vehicle, such as the popular push to start ignition, which allows users to start their engines with the push of a button. These little plastic containers are known as key fobs or smart key fobs. The number of car functions controlled by key fobs is expanding as technology progresses and smart keys become more intelligent.

Damaged Smart Key

Unfortunately, technological progress is accompanied by several drawbacks. This is expected; these are the growing pains of new technology. The key can break or snap, causing damage or destruction to the transponder chip contained inside. Or, the remote key fobs may get lost, forgotten, damaged, or mistakenly locked inside the car, needing replacement, reprogramming, or retrieval.

Other difficulties may also arise. For instance, the lock and unlock buttons stop working or work sporadically, or the key fob sustains water damage, or normal wear and tear causes the key fob to appear worn. Here is where we come in.

Smart Car Key

Today, computer chip car keys are used in millions of vehicles. These keys function as an anti-theft feature and prohibit cars from starting without the correct key. Each automobile manufacturer utilizes a unique type of high-security computer chip in their keys, yet at Robin Locksmith we can replicate the majority of computer chip car keys at a lower price than the dealer.

In the majority of instances, duplicate keys may be made without the vehicle present. To duplicate some keys, however, we must attach a computer to the car.

The brands we deal with:

·  GM

·  Honda

·  Toyota

·  Jeep

·  Ford

·  Chrysler

·  Dodge

·  Hyundai

·  Lexus

·  Kia

·  Mazda

·  Nissan

·  Mitsubishi

·  Alfa Romero

·  Bentley

·  BMW

·  Audi

·  Fiat

·  Hummer

·  Jaguar

·  Land Rover

·  Maserati

·  Saab

·  Smart

·  Volvo

·  VW

Plus much more…

Contact us to learn more. The locksmiths at Robin Locksmith are eager to be of service.


Yes, we replace car keys throughout Seattle and the surrounding areas.

Yes, we provide replacement car keys for all vehicle kinds, including automobiles, trucks, and SUVs.

A key fob, commonly referred to as a keyless entry remote or keyless entry device, is a tiny electronic device used to manage a range of car functions remotely. Typical key fobs have buttons for unlocking and locking the doors, opening the trunk, and starting the engine, among other functions. Some key fobs include extra functions, such as panic buttons and remote-starting capabilities. Key fobs are meant to make accessing and controlling your car easier and more convenient, and are frequently used in place of traditional metal keys.

Yes, duplicate car keys are possible. Copying vehicle keys, often known as duplicating car keys, is a service that allows you to obtain a duplicate of your existing car keys. This can be beneficial if you need an extra set of car keys or if you've misplaced a key and require a replacement. Duplication of car keys is possible for both conventional metal keys and key fobs and various forms of electronic keys.

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