The lock on your door is the first line of protection to your home or place of business. The appropriate lock will also give you some much-needed peace of mind.

However, there are circumstances in which you should consider replacing your lock, and there are valid reasons for doing so. The lock on a door needs to be replaced most frequently because it can get damaged over time.

However, a broken lock is not the only reason locks should be updated on a regular basis. There are a variety of different scenarios that may need the replacement of your lock, even if it is not currently in a state of deterioration.

Below are 6 main reasons you need to consider:

1. You Moved to a New Home

After moving into a new house, one of the things that the vast majority of people fail to remember to do is to change the locks. After purchasing a new home, there are a lot of people who forget that not only do the previous owners still have the key, but the real estate agent who helped you buy the house also has a key to the property.

It is critical that you change the lock on your new home as soon as possible after moving into it. If you fail to do so puts you at risk for a visit from an unwanted realtor or the previous owner. You can’t always rely on people to respect the space around others.

In addition, you can never be sure how many other people, such as the previous owner’s children, other members of the former owner’s family, neighbors, or friends, have copies of the same key.

2. There Was a Recent Break-In

One of the most important reasons why your locks need to be updated is because you’ve had intruders break in or attempted to. Even if the burglar entered your home without using the key you had hidden beneath the mat, you still don’t know what their plans are for the future. The majority of burglaries do not finish at the point where the entry was gained since there is always a risk that the perpetrators found an extra key and made copies for themselves and their accomplices. Changing the locks as soon as possible after a break-in will protect the property from any subsequent risky behavior that may be associated with break-ins.

3. Someone Moved Out

It is imperative that every lock be replaced after a tenant vacates the property, especially if you are the owner of a home that you use to rent out to other people. If you change the locks after a renter vacates your property, you can ensure that they will not be able to return and that no other unauthorized persons will be able to enter the property after the lease expires.

4. A Lifestyle Change

To put it another way, locks are not always an item that can be described as “one size fits all.” Sometimes, there are circumstances that demand for a specific form of lock that may be utilized by persons who have difficulties due to a disability. Even if the condition is just temporary, such as a broken wrist or arm, changing your lock to one that is better suited to your circumstances may relieve the stress and anxiety associated with the possibility that you will be unable to enter the building.

5. Design Update

It is not always necessary for there to be a safety concern in order for you to replace your locks; in some cases, replacing locks is done for no other purpose than to conform to current fashion trends. If you are renovating your home and you happen to be replacing your doors at the same time, upgrading your locks after a new makeover will complete the look of your current design and make your property look like it has been renovated throughout!

6. When locks start to fail

Locking mechanisms that are older or more inexpensive may start to fail you after some point. This might manifest itself in a number of ways, such as stiffness or a key “sticking.” To make a proper connection, do you need to raise the door or move the key around in any way?

This could result in getting locked out of the building, having a lock become jammed open, or leaving entrance points open to possible intrusion. Quick action is required to address the less trustworthy locks and to replace them with quality models that can be relied upon.

In conclusion, Robin Locksmith in Seattle is an experienced locksmith service that can assist you with the changing of your locks if you require assistance. We will do all in our power to fulfill the requirements of your project and save you the time and trouble of having to deal with the lock change on your own. You are welcome to get in touch with us to arrange a consultation.

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