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Lock Rekeying and Master Keying Service

Lock Rekeying and Master Keying

Did you know that Robin Locksmith can assist you with organizing your locks and keys? Our master key systems provide protection for individual keys in workplaces, residences, schools, and other locations. Even if you don’t have a duplicate key for a particular door, you may still gain entry when you need it, without having to phone us. We install and maintain master lock systems for Seattle-area businesses with prompt response times, qualified experts, and reasonable costs.

When you call us, one of our expert locksmiths will be deployed to assist you as we are well-known commercial locksmiths in the area.

With regard to master key systems and all of our locksmith services, we are proud to provide our customers with the most advanced equipment and security solutions.

Making Your Master Key System Simple

Access given by master key systems is often hierarchically structured to satisfy the demands of various organizational functions. A well-designed system maintains the security of individual locks by assigning keys to specific personnel while offering various degrees of master keys to those whose responsibilities encompass certain regions.

In a hierarchical management system, each management level would have a unique master key, whereas facilities management would have a universal master key. A master key system can also meet the organizational and functional demands of schools. Your organization-specific master key system installation may be provided by Robin Locksmith.

Rekeying Using Interchangeable Cores

Master key systems are ideal for large-scale applications, such as in office or school buildings where key administration might be a full-time job. Time-saving replaceable cores can be used to rekey locks to utilize a new key and nullify any stray keys, as opposed to the conventional pin-based approaches.

Our professionals are able to rekey master key systems with the proper cores, preserving the security of your system and preserving the key hierarchy.

Duplicating Keys and Restricted Master Key Systems

The master key system for your building can facilitate normal access to areas such as classrooms and ordinary offices, or it can provide an additional layer of security with limited master key system capabilities. You may have observed that certain keys are imprinted with “Do Not Duplicate,” suggesting that only the building owner should be responsible for key management.

With restricted systems, the key type is restricted to particular programs, frequently from a particular manufacturer, making unauthorized duplication extremely difficult. It is an amazing lock option when combined with high-security locks for your entrances.

Your Master Key Systems Expert in Seattle, WA

Robin Locksmith is the locksmith you need if you want to manage your expanding business with a master key door lock system, get your present one under control, or want occasional master key system locksmith service.

What is a Master Key System?

A master key system is one in which many locks are configured to use separate keys in addition to a single master key that can unlock all locks. Locks with a high level of security make it easier for major organizations to let authorized employees and maintenance and security personnel access.

How Do Master Key Systems Function?

If you own or manage an apartment complex, we may install a master key system so that your property manager and maintenance staff need just one master key to enter all of the flats.

The installation of a master key system enables business owners and managers to access all locks with a single key. Hotels and apartment complexes are examples of businesses that use master keys. For enhanced security, master keys unlock all doors, whilst individual keys only open a single door. Each door’s lock mechanism features a unique set of pins. To manufacture a duplicate of the master key or a new slave key, you need a skilled locksmith who specializes in master keys and possesses the appropriate components and equipment.

How Master Key Systems are Copied

When you need assistance with your master key systems, we measure the cuts on your existing master key with a key gauge at your place of business.

1- With accurate measurements, the cuts or grooves are initially fitted to the lock.
2- Based on the brand and model, our specialist estimates the needed key form. This involves measuring the upper and lower pins for each cut location.
3- We take great care to ensure that the cut keys fit easily into the locks.
4- The majority of the time, our locksmiths will remove the keyhole plug and cylinder. This is accomplished by forward-tilting the knob and applying pressure to the keyhole plug. The cylinder is then removed from the knob with ease.
5- Using a key gauge, the next step for many systems is to remove the retaining ring from the cylinder.
6- In the rear of this cylinder, a plastic follower is installed. The locksmith then removes the plug’s pins by pushing the keyhole plug and key out of the keyhole.
7- The new top and bottom pins are first installed in the cylinder. The assembly is then reassembled, and the new keys are tested and, if necessary, adjusted.

In addition to creating new master and slave keys, we may duplicate them for tenants and staff of your business property.

Skilled Technicians and Nationally Recognized Trade Associations

Contact Robin Locksmith immediately for prompt help from a registered, licensed, and insured local locksmith. In Seattle, Washington, our qualified experts offer prompt service at reasonable prices.


Yes, a master key in a master key system is intended to open every lock in the system. A master key system is a sort of lock system that permits many locks to be opened with various keys, but only one master key. The process of developing and deploying a master key system is known as master keying. Master key locks often referred to as grand master key locks, are locks that may be unlocked with many keys, including a master key. Kwikset, Schlage, and Knox Box are among the lock manufacturers that provide master keying solutions.

A master key system can be used for door locks, cylinder locks, and even storage unit locks. In a restricted key system, the master key is not given out to everyone and is typically only used by authorized personnel.

It is impossible to accurately determine the number of different master keys as there are various types of master key systems and multiple factors that can affect the number of keys. Some of these factors include the number of locks in the system, the complexity of the master key system, and the specific lock brands and models being used.

No, there is not a single key that can open every lock. Master key systems, such as those offered by Robin Locksmith in Seattle, allow for the creation of multiple keys that can open certain locks, but not all locks. For example, a master key may be able to open multiple doors within a building, but it may not be able to open a lock on a different type of door or a lock on a completely different property. Additionally, certain locks, such as restricted key systems, may only be opened with specific keys that cannot be duplicated. In order to open every lock, multiple master keys or individual keys would need to be used.

To determine if a key is a master key in a Master Key system, you can try using it to open all locks in the system. If the key is able to open all locks, then it is a master key. You can also check with the locksmith who set up the Master Key system, as they will have a record of which keys are master keys. Additionally, if the key is marked with "master key" or "grand master key," it is likely a master key. Master key systems can be complex, so it is best to consult a locksmith or the manufacturer of the locks to accurately determine if a key is a master key.

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